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Summer Kids Box

by Nazek Gifts
KWD 5.000   
  • Height: 27cm
  • Width: 26cm
  • Length: 12cm

Fun and interactive summer board games, contains 5 different games. Cups and ping pong: start with sticking the cups to the box cover, put the ping pong in the middle and try to not drop the ball. Floaty band: start with wearing the band, put the cards in the middle and try to put the floaty in your band following the same color order as the card. Tic tac toe install the 4 pieces of wood to start the game, get your shells from the beach to use it as xs and os. Ball game: throw the ball up in the air and whatever your kid’s finger lands on they should bring as soon as possible. Bingo with 4 different bingo cards, scratch every photo that you see “if you saw a ball, scratch the ball’s photo”, making a straight line first means you are the winner.

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