Traditionally floral, bakery, chocolatier & gift shops receive and place their orders; until Bleems was born.

Bleems enables you to choose amongst the best possible floral and bakeries arrangements in the market.

All a click away and at your very convenience.

In short, we bring the local flower, bakery and gift market to your doorstep.



Abdullah Al Khuzam

Abdullah Al Khuzam

COO & Co-founder

Abdullah is a Co-founder & COO at Bleems. He oversees the technical strategy of the company, and is dedicated to building a team to keep Bleems at the forefront of the industry. He received a degree in Finance from Kuwait University and MBA from University of Portsmouth.

Sulaiman Al Tarrah

Sulaiman Al Tarrah

CEO & Co-founder

Sulaiman is the Co-founder and CEO at Bleems. He drives the company's vision, strategy and growth as it provides unique ways for clients to buy flowers and gifts. Under Sulaiman's leadership, Bleems listed more than 100 medium and high end partners within 4 years. Sulaiman met co-founder Abdullah at Kuwait University where he received a Bachelor of Accounting and then he completed his MBA from University of Portsmouth.