1. Early Bird
    BHD 25.000
  2. Adorable Baby Girl
  1. Purple Peaks
    BHD 42.000
  2. Gold Platter Large
  3. Pastel Boxes 54
    BHD 103.000
  4. Pinky Peach
    BHD 60.000
  5. True Colors
    BHD 33.600
  6. 12 Roses
    Same day delivery
    BHD 23.000
  7. Sola
    BHD 75.000
  8. Double Orchid Plant
  1. Praline Walnut Milk
    Same day delivery
  2. Chocolate Hazelnut Dark
    Same day delivery
  3. Pistachio Truffles 500g
    Same day delivery
  4. Milk Fraise 500g
    Same day delivery
  5. Cocoa Dusted Almonds
    Same day delivery
  6. 500G of Salted Caramel
    Same day delivery
  7. Praline Balls
    BHD 18.900
  8. Trois Freres
    Same day delivery
    BHD 26.250
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